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ViON Cloud Solutions
Published on January 27, 2016

Traditional methods of buy a box capacity purchases are no longer the only solution. ViON's Cloud Solutions Program Management Office offers a financial consumption model to service our clients with Infrastructure, platform and software offerings in a pay as you go engagement.

ViON understands the needs of customers looking for Consumption-based, IT-as-a-Service solutions. Whether a customer is looking for an on premise solution in their datacenter or an off premise solution in a public datacenter, ViON offers a wide variety of solutions. ViON’s “As-a-Service” offerings are listed below. Each service offering contains pricing as well as a description of the service; Service Level Agreements; and the quality assurance methods used in delivering and measuring the service.

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ViON will provide an inclusive service of capacity priced and provisioned “As-a-Service”.

ViON will provide accurate and prompt billing without ambiguity or contingency within the approved contract funding level.

ViON will provide transparency in all billing and operational records to establish and maintain an auditable program baseline

ViON will provide proven processes and procedures to ensure predictable, repeatable outcomes are achieved throughout the program.

ViON will never leave a customer site while a problem exists for which ViON is responsible to repair or remedy.